Assemble the fleece filter

Overview of the components

The installation of the pearl. - Fleece filter is simple and can be done in just a few minutes.

Insert the level switch of the electronic unit through the round opening in the side panel on the left (2). If the electronics unit is to be installed on the opposite side, see "Changing the side of the electronics unit".

Screw the electronics unit (14) to the side panel with the M3 x 10 pan-head screws. The cables are at the back. Stainless steel and plastic screws are included in the delivery. The stainless steel screws are recommended. Tighten the screws carefully. Note! The plastic screws may only be used once and must be tightened with care.

Mount the bypass slide (3) with the wing screw M5x10 in the recess of the left side panel (2).

Screw the four crossbars (7) with the wing screws M10x16 to the side part opposite the electronics housing.

Lay the side panel with the crossbars on its side. Put the pulley with the O-rings (9) on the front crossbar.

Mount the piping (13) on the centre plate (6). The hole for the level switch in the centre plate must be on the same side as the electronics housing. Note: The piping must be aligned straight to the rear!

Insert the cut-out plate (4) and the centre plate (6) with the piping (13) into the grooves in the side panel designed for this purpose.

Place the side part with the assembled electronics housing on the prepared opposite side so that the threads of the crossbars are directly under the holes of the side part. Then screw in the wing screws M10 x 16 approx. halfway. Press all the inserted panels into the guide grooves with light pressure on the side panel. Tighten the screws.

Press the plate (5) into the grooves provided in the side parts on the front of the fleece filter.

Unscrew the nut from the float switch. Guide the cable through the slot in the center plate (6). Insert the thread from the bottom up through the hole. Fix the float switch with the nut.

Screw the centre plate to the side parts with the M3x10 pan-head screws. (Not "small")

Insert the dirt fleece shaft (8) into the grooves of the side parts.

Mount the hanging brackets

Screw the hook (15) to the short slide (16) with the wing screws M5x10. Note: The wing screws must be on the outside of the fleece filter.

Screw the hook (15) to the long slider (17) with the wing screws M5x10. Note: The distance from the upper edge of the sliders to the hooks must be the same. The distance depends on the installation of the fleece filter in the technical tank.

Attach the complete hanging brackets to the fleece filter. The short one in the front, the long one in the back. With the large variant also centred.

Mount the stands

Screw the short slides and the short stands with the wing screws M5x15. Note: The wing screws must be on the outside of the fleece filter.

Screw the long sliders and the long stands together with the M5x15 wing screws.

Hook the complete feet onto the fleece filter. The short one at the front, the long one at the back.

Note: The feet must be extended to the required length with a 20 mm diameter pipe.

Change the side of the electronics unit

In the standard version, the electronic unit is installed on the left side. The motor and the drive shaft are adjusted accordingly. If the electronic unit is to be installed on the right-hand side, the following activities must be carried out.

Change the motor polarity:

  1. The power supply unit must be disconnected from the power supply.
  2. Remove the four countersunk screws from the cover of the electronics unit.
  3. Remove the lid.
  4. Carefully loosen the two cable clamps of the motor cables marked "Motor" with a small flathead screwdriver.
  5. Swap the position of the two cables, red and black.
  6. Carefully tighten the two cable clamps. Caution! If the screws of the cable clamps are tightened too much, this can lead to a defect.
  7. Put on the lid and fix it with the countersunk screws.
  8. Connect the power supply unit to the power supply.
  9. Testing the function.

Convert the drive gear of the drive shaft:

  1. Remove the M6 countersunk screw that fixes the drive shaft. Gloves make it easier to loosen the countersunk screw.
  2. Remove the gear wheel and place it on the opposite side of the drive shaft. Position the M3 drive screw in the slot of the drive shaft.
  3. Fix the M6 countersunk screw. Gloves facilitate the firm fixation.

Notes on connection to the aquarium pipe system

The pearl. eco - fleece filter can be easily integrated into technical tanks due to the different sizes and installation variants.

There are a few principles to be observed.

  • The pearl. eco fleece filter must be installed horizontally.
  • If the hanging brackets are used, the opposite side must be supported for horizontal alignment.
  • The pearl. eco - fleece filter must be positioned 1 cm - 4 cm in the water from the bottom edge. Caution: The water level must not rise to more than 14 cm from the lower edge. The electronics housing must not be under water.
  • Let the back of the pearl. eco fleece filter touch the technical tank. This allows the filtered water to run off silently at the back.
  • The pearl. eco - fleece filter can be placed in a separate tank and placed individually.
  • To ensure that the pearl. - fleece filter can be easily removed from the piping system, a separation point must be provided. The piping system does not have to be fundamentally bonded to the piping of the pearl. eco - fleece filter.
  • Die Standfüße können mit einem Rohr Durchmesser 20 mm auf das notwendige Maß verlängert werden.
  • The flow rate through the filter fleece must always be at least 1/3 of the specified maximum flow rate.