– the new generation fleece filter for aquaristics!

Fleece filters have been used in industry and fishpond construction for decades. Due to the large system dimensions, the fleece filter has not yet been used on a large scale in aquarium construction, especially in the seawater sector.

With the Fleece filter  we create the solution and make the advantages of fleece filtration available for almost every aquarium with a technical tank. Suspended particles and dirt are filtered out before they can dissolve in the water.

This relieves the skimmer, supports nutrient decomposition and creates crystal clear water. At the same time, the fleece filter offers very high flow rates and can thus be integrated 100% into the system circuit.

Development goals:

  • High flow rate
  • Easy fleece replacement
  • Universal mounting options
  • Can be enlarged and reduced
  • Easy assembly
  • As simple as possible


  • Automatic fleece feed
  • Electronic unit can be installed on both sides
  • By exchanging the middle parts, it can be converted to small, medium or large at any time
  • Integrated bypass
  • Smart electronics
  • Hanging brackets or stands

Benefits at a glance:

  • High filter performance with minimum size
  • Fits in almost all common technical tanks
  • Can also be installed in a separate tank outside the technical tank
  • Extremely high flow rate possible as a standard solution by combining several filters
  • Suspended particles and dirt are filtered out and nutrients are minimised, thus relieving the skimmer. This ensures crystal clear water
  • The technical tank remains clean, as 100% flow is possible
  • Also usable as bypass
  • Easy cleaning and fleece exchange
  • Powerful motor
  • All components suitable for seawater
  • High-quality fabrication, made in GERMANY


Three sizes are available as standard. Information on this can be found in "Technical data".Click here!!

In order to be able to react to the most diverse installation situations, the mounting side of the electronics housing can be selected. Universal hanging brackets or stands can be used to respond to different built-in situations.

Filter fleece

A high-quality filter fleece, manufactured in Germany, with a weight per square metre of 40g/sqm is used. It offers excellent properties and enables the build-up of a filter cake, which has a decisive, positive influence on the filter performance. This means that the filter fleece is used optimally and consumption is minimal. The fleece material is untreated and is thus also used in ultra-pure water systems in industry. Therefore, it has no negative influence on the aquarium water.

Mode of operation

The water flowing in via the inlet is passed through the filter fleece. In the process, suspended matter and other particles such as food particles settle on the filter fleece. This causes a filter cake to form. If the filter fleece is saturated, less water can flow through the filter fleece and the water level in the fleece filter rises. The level switch switches the fleece feed as soon as the water level has reached the corresponding height. If fresh filter fleece is fed into the fleece filter, the water level drops. The soiled filter fleece is wound up on the dirt fleece shaft. The filtered water flows through the drain in the bottom of the fleece filter into the technical tank.

If the water level in the fleece filter rises significantly above the normal level, the fleece feed is automatically stopped. This is based on the assumption that the feed of new fleece is disturbed. This protects the drive unit and the motor from overload. In this case, the water is led into the technical tank via the emergency overflow.

The material bound in the filter fleece cannot dissolve in the technical tank and will not and will not have a negative effect on the water values. Through the filtering out suspended matter, the water will also become clearer.

By opening or closing the side opening, a bypass can be created. Thus, it is possible to react to fluctuations in the nutrient values in the water or to achieve a higher flow rate.