Sustainability is becoming more and more important these days! Conserving resources and avoiding waste is the order of the day! For me this is not a new invention or trend, for me it has long been a matter of logical common sense and effectiveness! Senselessly wasted raw materials are not effective! 

That is why the fleece filter was designed to be as simple and flexible as possible. Only the most necessary material was used. Although robust and durable. All components could be easily separated and disposed of. The filter is designed to be installed in the technical tank, so why a complete housing? The side panels are identical, so the filter can easily be resized. This makes it adaptable to all situations. My wish is to take the replaced middle parts to the second-hand market to continue using them there. This way, no filter ever needs to be replaced by a completely new one! Made in Germany ensures short transport distances. All materials come from German manufacturers. Only the electronics come from Asia. And let's be honest, there is no alternative to that any more. Even for the shipping packaging, only recyclable and/or already used material is used. 

I hope that you will enjoy using the fleece filter for a long time and that you will use it for its intended purpose.

P.S. Here in the shop, used filters and individual parts can be offered on commission, under the heading Used/B-Ware.